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Cover Story

Bruce Anderson on bullying

SPECIAL GUEST: 7 Ways to Handle a Cyber-Bully

(November 2014 – Volume 14, Issue B)

Interview with Detective Bruce Anderson (Cyber Investigation Services)

Bruce Says… “And so when you start looking at it, the bad guys have can easily have your house bugged, your car, your computer, your phone, whatever has internet access! That’s why it so important to start isolating things and to be able to track down who is doing it.”

The cover-story interview in Mentors Magazine this month with Detective Bruce Anderson, has been quite the eye-opening experience! I had no idea how many businesses have had their enterprise destroyed because of one vindictive person, or a group of Cyber-Stalkers.

I also had no idea how rampant and out of control the situation is! Attacks can come from a former spouse, disgruntled employee or customer, competitive company, legal adversary, or someone who knows you on social media. It can even be from someone you don’t know, but wants something you have. And now anyone can do it with the technology that is readily available. Plus, if negative information hits the web… it’s almost impossible to stop, once it goes viral. A Cyber-Bully can permanently destroy multiple lives with the stroke of a key.

It’s not a matter of worrying “IF” it will happen to your company… but, “WHEN”.

This interview is a MUST-READ, because Detective Anderson explains what to do and how to handle a Cyber-Bully. We also have the actual audio available for your listening if you prefer.
Click here to go to the Cover Story interview


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